“In 1985 Bob Rose hired me as assistant PR director for the LA Express of the USFL.  He took a chance on a kid one year out of college from south Louisiana and entrusted me with a considerable amount of responsibility for a professional football team in Los Angeles.  Not only did he put confidence in me, he served as a mentor and a teacher as he led our operation with professionalism, humor and candor.  He has had a lasting impact on my career and I have been fortunate to call him a friend and colleague for many years in this profession.”

HERB VINCENT - Associate Commissioner for Communications, Southeastern Conference


 "Bob Rose played a foundational role in my career as a communicator. As my mentor, he instilled in me the media and public relations is a "service industry" -- something that many people tend to forget. I always remember that lesson and continue to share it with all of my colleagues. Now that I'm in the agency world, Bob's words ring true more than ever."

BLAKE RHODES - Vice President, Ketchum Public Relations


“What a privilege it was to work with and for Bob Rose. Over the course of six years Bob demonstrated time and time again what it means to be a successful PR professional, from managing relationships internally and externally to thinking strategically about newsworthy stories to executing and motivating teams to perform. Everything I know about PR I learned from Bob and I am so privileged to call him a mentor. He is a consummate professional whose skill transcends more than just the sports world.... a real gem.”

KERRY HOPKINS - Brand Manager, Dreyer’s Grand Ice Cream


"I was very fortunate to work for a veteran like Bob. Bob is simultaneously detail-oriented and big-picture. He can find the positive in any situation, message it and convey his own enthusiasm to others." 

HANNAH GORDON - Vice President of Legal Affairs, San Francisco 49ers


“This is my 20th season in the world of sports business and it all began when Bob Rose hired me to work as an Intern with the San Francisco Giants.  When Bob hired me in 1995, email was just getting off the ground and the internet was still a few years from being mainstream in professional sports. Twenty years later, I am the Director of Digital Media for the Giants, and I would not be where I am now, without learning the fundamental principles of PR and working in the sports world.  The tools and technology might have changed since 1995, but the experience and instincts that Bob has taught me are invaluable.”

BRYAN SRABIAN - Director of Digital Media, San Francisco Giants