“I have known Bob Rose personally and professionally since 1983 and consider him to be one of the best--if not the best--directors of sports communication and public relations that I have dealt with in my three-plus decades as a sports writer. Bob is the Willie Mays of his profession--a five-tool player.  He, simply, gets it. He is a staunch advocate for his clients but not a shill. He is smart, witty and savvy and knows how to convey his ideas to skeptical media types (like me) who serve different masters.  Bob knows his job so well, frankly, because he knows your job so well. He has street cred in a complicated and demanding industry and oozes the kind of institutional knowledge you can't just hire out of grad school. Being a thoroughly fine human being has not hurt his cause.”

CHRIS DUFRESNE - National College Football and Basketball Columnist, Los Angeles Times

“Bob Rose wrote the book on public relations and communications. His people skills are unmatched in the business.”  

GLENN SCHWARZ - Editor and former Sports Editor of the San Francisco Chronicle


“I have known Bob Rose for 35 years in my role as sports columnist. He is the best public-relations director I have worked with, hands down. He gets things done day to day. He is hardworking, earnest and fair. But he also gets things done on the big-picture level. He understands what a business (in our case, a team) needs, how it should project itself publicly, what its public-relations philosophy should be. And he relentlessly pursues his goals with a smile and good humor. He is the only public-relations director I worked with who combines both the near and the far view. His vision is as large as a big-screen tv. And he's also a great guy.”

LOWELL COHN - Sports Columnist Santa Rosa Press Democrat


"Bob Rose is the consummate professional. I can't conceive of a PR challenge he could not handle (or hasn't handled). That includes the relocation of a pro football franchise and the media frenzy surrounding baseball's all-time home run king. He's one of the greats."

MARK HYMAN - Author and Journalist (Business Week, New York Times, Sports Illustrated and


“Bob Rose has worked public relations for nearly every sports team in the Bay Area, and I've found him to be a treasure at every stop. He's the type of professional that goes the extra mile, dropping hints on potential stories without being overbearing, and he's extremely good company away from the job. His knowledge is extensive, his demeanor always steady and in character. With the Giants and A's in particular, I felt his departure left a hole that really couldn't be filled. I would give him the highest recommendation.”

BRUCE JENKINS - Sports Columnist, San Francisco Chronicle


“Bob Rose is the ultimate public-relations professional: prompt, helpful and effective. He knows a good story, but his expertise goes beyond that. Bob understands how to communicate in a manner that can bring people together by breaking through different perspectives and competing agendas.”

TIM KEOWN - Senior Writer and ESPN The Magazine


 "Whether he’s contemplating sports or business, education or music, Bob Rose is a fount of big ideas. He’s both well regarded and well connected. His signature humor and enthusiasm are who he is, not something he wears to work, and they allow him to work, successfully, with a full range of egos and temperaments. Bob does not rattle easily.”

BRUCE ANDERSON - Editor-at-Large, Sunset Magazine


“Bob Rose is the ultimate top-of-the-heap PR man who has dealt with a wide variety of notable people, events and circumstances in his distinguished career. He's a people person, get-it-done person, put-out-the-fire person and stay-outside-the-box person (heck, he'll stay inside the box on days that call for it). He'll come up with an idea others wouldn't, and he'll make everyone in the building feel good about it and profit from it. Whatever the project or challenge, no matter how small or how large, he's the guy to have in your corner.”

JOHN SHEA - National Baseball Writer, San Francisco Chronicle