Professional Colleagues



“I have known Bob Rose for over 30 years and he is one of the best Public Relations executives in the sports’ industry.  His attention to detail, creativity, trustworthiness, infectious personality and wealth of knowledge of all sports are the reasons people in the media have the utmost respect for Bob and his work.”

PETER RUOCCO - Senior Vice President, NFL Management Council


“Bob Rose is unique. He has the ability to ‘see around corners’ and develops solutions to knotty issues rather than reacting to an imminent crisis.  Additionally, building relationships through trust by having a strong EQ has been a hallmark of his success.  Finally, no matter different situations and cultures and people as colleagues, he has produced results which demonstrates an agility that in our new world of constant change is a requirement of any leader in his/her field.”

JOE BAILEY - Managing Director, RSR Partners Executive Search Firm (former President, Miami Dolphins) 


“Bob Rose is the battle-tested marketing and communications professional you want on your side. He combines his extensive experience and perspective from top level positions in franchise, league and college sports programs with the level-headed perspective of someone who has dealt effectively with some of the most colorful and occasionally difficult personalities in the business.”

PAT GALLAGHER - Executive Vice President, Marketing Partnerships & Communications, San Francisco Super Bowl Committee (former Senior Vice President, Business Operations, San Francisco Giants


“Bob Rose is the Pete Rose of public relations. He's a pro's pro, a record-setting publicist. Bob hustles. He's creative. He's diligent. He's persistent. He'll do whatever it takes to win. He's known and respected by every writer and broadcaster in the world. Hiring Bob Rose to consult and provide PR strategy for your business is the safest bet you can make.”                                            

GARY CAVALLI - Executive Director, San Francisco Foster Farms Bowl


“Bob Rose has long been a voice of experience, reason and judgment in the MLB PR community.  Bob is a talented public relations professional who brings the same passion and diligence to every project – large or small – that he undertakes.”

PHYLLIS MERHIGE - Senior Vice President, Club Relations, MLB Office of the Commissioner